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Electrical work safety training

Electrical Safety Card SFS 6002 - elearning

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Koulutuksen kieli

Electrical Safety Card training follows the latest SFS 6002 standard (4. edition, SFS 6002:2015 + A1:2018)

  • You can start the training immediately or later 
  • The language of instruction is English 
  • Duration is 4 hours but you can also perform the training in parts
  • You can purchase the training by invoice or credit card*
  • Trusted competence by Kiwa Inspecta

What is the Electrical Safety Card SFS 6002?

A general training in electrical work safety is mandatory for all participants in electrical work. The training must be renewed every five years or sooner if needed. This requirement is stated in the electrical work safety standard SFS 6002.

Electrical Safety Card training is a thorough entity of electrical work safety. The course covers the main regulations and laws concerning electrical work and the Electrical Work Safety SFS 6002 standard. The course teaches electrical hazards, correct working methods and operating measures and maintenance practices. 

Do I need the Electrical Safety Card?

Electrical safety training is mandatory for all professionals in Finland. The requirement also includes everyone working in operation, planning, management, teaching and other expert tasks. 

The course gives a good understanding of the dangers of electricity also for other professionals. 

If you are coming to Finland to perform electrical work, you must first take the Electrical Safety Card training.

How can I take the Electrical Safety Card training?

The Electrical Safety Card can easily be completed as online training, in which case the course certificate can be obtained immediately. You can also order online training for your subordinates. 

Why is electrical safety training important?

By understanding the basics of the dangers of electricity, you can manage most of the risks associated with electrical work. In Finland, an average of 3 people die each year in electrical accidents.

What does the Electrical Safety Card training consist of?

The training covers the key aspects of dangers of electrical work and safe operating methods. The course teaches the organisation and responsibilities of persons involving electrical work and first aid in electrical accidents. The course also covers laws and regulations concerning electrical work safety.

In addition, the working practices of electrical work, maintenance work and voltage-free work are introduced.

Content of the course program

  • Welcome
  • Dangers of electricity
  • First aid
  • Legislation and responsibilities
  • Performing electrical work safety
  • Maintenance and operation procedures
  • Work practices
  • Maintenance practices
  • Summary
  • Final test

Training objectives

The training aims to provide all necessary information regarding safety in electrical work. In addition, the course covers the necessary laws and standards regulating electrical work in Finland. 

After the training the student is familiar with the following concepts:

  • The main laws and regulations concerning electrical work safety
  • The electrical work safety standard SFS 6002
  • The dangers of electricity and the correct operating measures
  • Working methods and maintenance practices

Electrical Safety Card SFS 6002 final test

After the course, there is a final test according to the SFS 6002 standard. The test consists of 28 questions. You need to get at least 21 correct answers to pass the test. In case you do not pass the final test, you can retake the exam twice free of charge.

After passing the course and the final test, you will be issued with an Electrical Work Safety Card. You will immediately receive a downloadable pdf course certificate. The card will be mailed to the address you provided in about 2 to 3 weeks. The card serves as a certificate of approved electrical work safety theoretical training and it is valid for five years.

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