Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled here to most frequently asked questions, you might find answer to your question from here also. We will keep this section always up to date.

Online Training

What are the hardware requirements for online training?

Online training works best with Chrome browser and computer. As there’s a speaker in our online training, you’ll also need separate speakers unless they are inbuilt on your device. Otherwise, there are no specific hardware or application requirements.

Can the training be done in parts or left unfinished?

Yes, training can be done in parts, and you can pause at any time. The training will continue where it was left.

How can I do online training?

You are able to start you online training immediately after placing the order. You’ll follow through your training at your own pace, pass your assignments, and you’ll get your card via mail.

For how long my credentials are valid?

The credentials are valid forever.

How long is the training?

It depends on the training. Most of our online training courses are 2–4 hours, but we’ve also got some shorter courses that will take less than an hour to complete.

What happens if I don’t pass the final exam?

As with most of our classroom courses, our online training exams can also be repeated 3 times in total. In case you fail 3 times, you’re going to have to reorder the course and do it again.

Is the online training eligible for a driver’s occupational qualification record?

Unfortunately, according to current TraFi instructions, online training is not eligible for occupational qualifications.

Is online training as qualified as the corresponding classroom training?

Yes, it is. Our online training includes the same content as the corresponding classroom training does, excluding any practical exercises, that we also organize separately for business and training purposes.

I passed the online training, what now?

Your accomplishment is registered in our system and will transmit to the card printing. All you need to do is to wait for your card to arrive by mail.

Can I order online training e.g., for 300 people?

You can order online training for as many people as you wish. With larger orders, you can also contact us, and we’ll help you with the order.


How do I get the card after the training?

The card will be sent to you by mail to the address you’ve provided.

Is this card valid for a purchaser/company X?

The answer is yes, but with caution. Almost every short training course in Finland, including the Occupational Safety Card, is not based on any legal requirement. Therefore, the requirement for the training comes from the purchaser. Thereby it’s impossible for us to tell in advance whether e.g. our Forklift Card is valid for a certain factory or company X. However, for now, we haven’t witnessed a situation where our training wasn’t valid.

Is there a difference between online training card and classroom training card?

No, there’s not. Both will grant you the same qualification. The only differences can be found, e.g. in additional notes of any practical exercises.

Is this card valid abroad?

It is case-specific. Usually, a company abroad defines the requirements for training and its content. Local legislation must also be taken into account. Thus, it is impossible to give a universal answer if our training qualifies abroad or not. In most cases, our training is valid, but for example, the Finnish SFS 6002 Electrical Safety Training is not currently valid in Sweden.

For how long does it take to get the card?

In average the delivery time is about 2–3 weeks from the day your training was completed.


What are the payment terms when using Checkout-payment?

View payment terms from here


What is a Nonstop Training?

Nonstop training is open for everyone. Nonstop Training courses are held only in certain towns in Finland.

What is the reason behind the possible cancellation of “open for everyone” training?

In case we don’t have enough participants, we’re not performing the course. We’ll always notify everyone registered about the cancellation.

What is InstaAudit?

InstaAudit is a cloud service developed by LIS Group Ltd. That’s where the online training courses ordered from Koulutusmaailma can be found. InstaAudit also helps companies to manage their training data.


Why do you need my contact details?

We need your contact details to sign you up for the training, for billing, and to perform the training.

Where is my data saved?

Your data is stored in our cloud platform which runs the Koulutusmaailma-service and also our billing software. You can read more on our Privacy Policy.

Can I delete my personal data from your register if I want?

Yes, you can. Please have a closer look at our privacy policy.