Kiwa Inspecta

We, as one of the world’s biggest testing, inspection and certification companies Kiwa Inspecta provide even better customer experience to our customers through Kiwa Koulutusmaailma -portal.

Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™ offers all the courses in various languages, and they’re available wherever you are. Our concept provides all the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) short training courses. As Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™ training centre is approved by Trafi, our courses can be carried out as training for professional qualification as well. We offer training in various languages, such as Finnish, Swedish, English, and Russian. Our service also covers international companies, as we operate all around Finland. Besides, we’ve conducted training courses abroad, for example in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, and Norway.

Affordable and transparent pricing

The pricing of our courses is clearly and readily available on our Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™ website, and checking the price for your group’s training is thereby effortless. Our customer care wants sincerely to find the most affordable and efficient solution for your personnel. Our pricing doesn’t include any hidden costs.


We’re one of the biggest and most experienced companies testing, inspection, certification services and short training courses. By organizing tens of thousands of training days during these years, we’ve built a solid and reliable base that our customers appreciate. Our clients vary from big, international corporations all the way to individuals. Reliability is a matter of honour for us, which can be seen in our courses: over 99,9% of our planned courses have been conducted.

Quality and effectiveness of our courses

Since the quality of our courses is essential to us, our requirements for the Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™ trainers are very high. That’s why our trainers are among the best professionals and trainers in Finland. We monitor the quality by actively analysing every feedback from the participants, and by auditing our courses with random sampling. We supply the feedback and analysis also for our clients to review.
The average grades among all courses on the scale of 1–5 are:
  • Trainer’s capability and knowledge: 4,6.
  • Trainer’s presentation skills: 4,4.

Besides our varied experience, the effectiveness of our training is based on deep understanding of our clients’ needs, the quality of our service, reliability, and our consistent, long-term development in cooperation with our clients. A long-term relationship with the client allows us to understand their needs deeply, and create real value for them.

Easy and centralized

One of the core ideas of the Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™ concept is to offer the most comfortable way possible to find all the courses in the same place. By centralizing the training, taking care of your company’s educational needs becomes affordable and straightforward. If you wish, we can take charge of managing your company’s professional qualifications in the most cost-effective way. In that way, you’d avoid the hassle of searching for every course from multiple places without knowing the quality and prices. Instead of that, we can manage the whole process of organizing education for your staff, and you can focus on your daily routines and developing your business. In practice, Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™ would take care of the arrangements, such as informing your staff, booking the premises and serving for the course, and sending the qualification cards for the participants. The requirements for the team and their professional qualification validities are getting higher and higher by the purchasers and officials. By centralizing all training for Kiwa Koulutusmaailma™, you can ensure that the qualification registers of your staff are always in the same place.

Flexibility and customer-oriented approach

It’s an honour for us to fulfil our clients’ hopes and needs. For example, it’s a day-to-day thing for us to organize courses with short notice – even within a day, and also in the evenings and weekends.